Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The beer quandry

I love beer... ALOT.
Like way more than the average bear. 
I'm smart enough to know I can't/won't give it up so for me to be successful on WW I've got to keep drinking!  Enter the quandry!  Some nights I just want a few beers, usually 2 or 3.  On those nights I drink something dark and delish like a microbrew from my fav brewery or if I must I'll drink a Sam Adams seasonal.  It's heavy in my belly, makes me feel like I just ate a steak and gives me that la la la buzzy feeling I crave at times.   Other nights I know I'm out for the long haul and don't want to blow all my weekly points on 1 night so I'll drink Michelob Ultra which is both depressing and waterish.  Lately I've been trying to decide which is better for me.

Sam Adams

Quicker buzz

More expensive (point and $ wise)

Mich Ultra

Less points

Takes alot to catch a buzz. 
Goes down quick!

So yes, decisions, decisions... Why must life be so hard!!!???  LOL

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