Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ooo what a night!

Last night I met up with some friends for beers and darts.  I always wonder how to handle the beer thing.  Do I go with low point beer that tastes like beer or darker beers that make me happy and full!?  I did a combo last night.  I had 3 Yuenglings then two Mic Ultras.   I did ALOT of dancing so I def earned some activity points there!  Being newly on plan I know I've got alot to lose and being single I'm always on the prowl!  Obviously this screws with my self esteem!  HOWEVER...... last night I put forth some serious effort to look good.  The 7 lbs I lost so far made it possible for me to wear my "hot butt" jeans!  Woo hoo!!  If you're wondering what makes jeans "hot butt" jeans I'll enlighten you!  It's all about the pockets!!!!!!!!  They need to be properly located. Not too high not too low.  The wash should be dark and for me the kind of pocket with the little flap with the button always make mine look fab!

For example:

Pockets are too high!  A little lower on the booty (and a size bigger) would help!

Too light of a wash and the pockets are too big for her butt!  They go down to her legs!  Pockets should be on the butt only!

Proof that even skinny chicks can look shitty in jeans!  Too tight and those blingy pockets!  Eek!

Pockets too wide, practically on her hips!

These are perfect!  In my opinion, for my body type. 

So back to last night... some how I managed to attract the thinest man in the bar!  He was sweet and gave me his # but I just can't get into thin men!  Maybe I think I'll crush him, maybe I think there's something very wrong about dating someone who's ass I could kick!  Haha.  Regardless, I had a blast and met a new female friend so yay! a new dance partner :)

I rolled into bed around 1:30am, late for a 33 yr old!  I woke up famished and couldn't wait for some yummy breakfast!  Here's what I had:

1 Light Whole Grain Thomas's English Muffin 3 PP
1 Slice Cabot Cheddar Cheese 2 PP
1 Egg 2 PP
1 Slice Canadian Bacon 1 PP

Total 8 PP, pricy but yummy!

Sorry that pic is a little dark... the sun wasn't quite out yet!  And with it...

I'm never without this bottle.  Always full of ice cold water! 

Well, that's all for now.  Hope you all have a fab day!


  1. Welcome to blogland! That sounds like a great night - although I'm too old for those shenanigans now (46). You need to post a pic of YOU in your hot butt jeans!

  2. You're right! I'll get on it! Thanks for following!

  3. Ya, pic of you in your hot butt jeans :)