Sunday, January 16, 2011

My favorite breakfast EVER!

I don't think I've mentioned this before but I'm currently recovering from shoulder surgery so am out of work for a bit.  That means I wake up slightly late and have time to make elaborate breakfasts!  I made one last week from the new Weight Watchers Points Plus cookbook and man am I hooked!!!!!  I think I've eaten it all but one day since!  It's called Eggs with Polenta and Spicy Black Beans.  I've never tried Polenta before but I'll try most things once.  It was easy to make, pre made polenta sliced and warmed in the oven.  Black beans and salsa with a little cayenne cooked on the stove and 1 egg cooked in cooking spray.   You put three slices of polenta on the plate, top with the bean mixture and egg then sprinkle with taco cheese.  NOTE :  If you do it as the book says the cheese doesn't melt well.   I put the beans down, then the cheese then the egg on top so it melts better.  This meal fills ya right up and keeps you full for hours!  I make a big batch then just pop the polenta on the plate, top with beans, top with cheese and put it all in the microwave.   Then make my egg to order.  Here's a pic!

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  1. Wow that looks super good! But not portable enough for me (I have an hour commute so I eat breakfast in the car). But it would be a great weekend breakfast option.

    BTW - I'm not really doing anything on the Bug's New Life Blog right now - but I might in the future :)