Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What the.... ?

Every once in awhile I like to peruse the web for things I want to buy "when I get skinny".   Today is super snowy and makes me want a Carribean vacation and so... of COURSE I'm looking at bathing suits.  I looked and looked and finally found one I think I want to order. After all some day I will be thin and able to wear it so what the heck, might as well buy it now right? 

The site boasta "The "Bay Watch" bikini life jacket concept is brilliant on three levels: It can help save lives, it is much more attractive to wear than traditional life jackets and your likelihood of being saved by a male lifeguard in the area probably increases ten-fold when you are wearing it. Plus, it looks as though there is some additional padding in the rear to achieve J-Lo levels of buoyancy. Again, it is only a concept at this point, but it certainly has mounds of potential. "

Obviously I'm kidding, I can't even begin to imagine the stares one would get wearing this!  But seriously, I've rocked the tankini for years and would totally dig wearing something other than that.  5 months to bathing suit season.... Might not be bikini ready this summer but next year I'm all over it!

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