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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Could it be?

I'm seriously concerned.  I weighed in today and was told I lost 3.8 this week!  CRAZY!  Our leader asked me what I did different this week.  My answer... "I didn't drink".  Which is true!  In general I go out on my kidless nights which is 3 times a week.  I detest water beer as I call it so I always order my usual delish dark filling beers.  I estimate them at 8 PP since they're a full pint rather than a bottle (bottles are 5).  If I have 3 a night x 3 nights that is a whopping 72 points!  Admittedly I did switch to light beer on Friday nights since I tend to drink more those nights but really... 72 points?  That's two full days of food plus some! 

So my debate is this.... Do I stop drinking all together?  Cut back?  Stick to only light beer?  The first option won't work.  I have so many great memories centered around alcohol I simply could NOT give it up!  See the evidence:

                                        California trip, margaritas on the pier with great friends!
                     Lake Placid, NY... this was outside the bar and I couldn't resist the photo op.
                                       It was cold and wet but I was buzzed enough to not care. 

Redneck Party.... the first time I was brave enough to hold my friend's pet snake.  Musta been the beer!

                              Double fisting with one of my best guy friends.  He moved to Cali and
                                  is getting married so this is likely the last time we'll drink together. 

                                                        St. Patty's Day, one of the best!
And so you see... I cannot give up the chance at making more memories!  Option 2, cut back is definately an option, 3, switch to light beer also an option.  And so, I have decided to combine the two!  One night I'll drink real beer, one night I'll drink light and the 3rd... NO DRINKING!  It's the plan that I think will be do able long term!  Wish me luck!


  1. I feel like alcohol is a double-whammy - like it might be 8 points but it affects you as if it's
    more. I don't know though - I might just be crazy :) Have you tried the drinking a glass of water between each beer trick?

  2. Good idea. I'll try it tonight and let ya know how I make out! Watch out ladies room, I'm gonna be living there!