Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fantastic Finds!

I'm all about making Weight Watchers work for me.  To do that it must let me eat delish food, not be super hard to do and leave me with enough points for beer/wine :).  Here are a few of my favorite finds!

1.  These are Pampered Chef grown up sprinkles!  I thought I'd use them for rimming the glass of our Hazelnut Martinis but it turns out it's good on everything else too!  I've put it on ice cream, yogurt, and my fav, oatmeal!  It gives it a nice crunch and each serving is 0 PP! 

P.S. They have other flavors as well.  Next party I'll buy the others!

2.  0 PP Brown Sugar Whipped Cream.  This is so yummy I have a hard time sticking to the free portion and sometimes load it on and take the point hit!  I bought it at Fresh Market.

3.  Premade crepes.  I LOVE these!  1 PP, add some berries and the whipped cream with a sprinkle of cinnamin sprinkles, SO yummy and just 1 PP total!  Also purchased at Fresh Market. 

I realized I forgot to take a pic mid munch so the finished product isn't all that pretty but it's still tasty!

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  1. Well, I am totally drooling now - thanks for the tips!