Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Don't take my picture!!!!!!

I used to love the camera!  My friends and I would go out and snap loads of pics and I never minded being in them but lately... UGH.  I think my issue is the inconsistency.  I'll take one and look pretty darn good, someone else snaps one and blah!  This weekend I went to my sisters to babysit my 6 mo old niece while they went to a wedding.  I typcially tell her no pics but was feelin pretty good about my weight loss and agreed to let her.  I totally wish I didn't!  The pic was terrible, I looked soooo overweight!   Just so you know I'm not overreacting....  here is a pic of me taken last week :

And here is the one from this past weekend I was referring to:

RIDICULOUS right?  Why do I look pretty when I take a pic of myself and look so blahhhh when someone else takes one!  Oh well, MOTIVATION!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You know, that IS bizarre - you look like two totally different people.

  2. OMG I know! And I didn't even take a whole bunch of pics looking for the "best" one. I just snapped it and done! It's so frustrating!